Friday, October 28, 2011

Back To Work!

Thank goodness it's Friday, except I have to go back to work! I have enjoyed the days off and next week it gets even better! I have to work the whole weekend and Monday, but then I'm off from Tuesday until I go back to work on Saturday! When you question the crazy way our work days are...the only answer is that the computer does it and the mangers don't have anything to do with it! It's OK for now, I'll take the days off to work on cards for the holidays for now! Speaking of cards, do you like this one? I used some digi elements along with digi papers and---fun card! I just how you can play with the digi elements! I'm getting better at this!

Anything doing for the weekend? No plans at the Bloom Zoo---work all weekend for both of us.

Take care, feel free to leave some love---it doesn't cost a thing and maybe they'll be a little love in return! Would you like some new wrinkled ribbon? Leave the love and I'll draw a name on Monday!




  1. Well good for you -- I haven't made one holiday card yet. I just finished a Halloween card, lol -- nothing like last minute! Have a great weekend at work -- at least you have all those days off!!

  2. Love your holiday cards. I just finished Halloween, birthday, baby & wedding cards, Enjoy your days off and keep creating your awesome cards!

  3. Pretty card, Paula. :) Enjoy your days off in this beautiful fall weather. :)