Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You won't want to meet this guy at your door would you? Well I won't either, but I know he's hanging around just waiting to meet you and grab your candy! Another sticker from M's and some fun paper from Hobby Lobby. The Happy stamps is from M's $ stamps from another year. It's fun to dig out those stamps we have in our collections and use them.
Barry had his interview today. We'll see. That's about all you can say about them. They want more info that he has to email and then it's a wait-wait game.
We've had a lot of rain in Dallas. Last night and today. Our backyard looks like a pool, only muddy! Hopefully the rain has ended for now and we'll have some cooler weather.
Take care, hurry back. Check out the game at the top right on the blog. It's free and fun to play. You just answer questions and make a few cents. There is a drawing every day for $50 so at least you have a chance at that. You won't get rich, but it's fun anyway. Go and try it out!


  1. Paula - L'shanah tovah!to you and your family. (Excuse me if I didn't say this right and if I'm a day late. I'm not real familiar with Judaism and the whole at sundown thing confuses me - sundown today or sundown y'day?)

    I missed the news about Barry's interview. I'm glad he has another one. One of these days it will be the right one.

    Sending you virtual honey cake. I've gotten emails the last couple days from food magazines with Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur recipes. One of them was a very yummy honey cake that I've made before. Made me wish I could bake one and send it to you.

  2. A sweet New Year wish from me too. Hopefully one better than it has been. I visit your blog almost everyday, I just don't leave messages. Shame on me. Come visit my new blog and say hello.