Monday, September 6, 2010


Fall always reminds me of those wonderful times when we lived up North and were able to get fresh fall apples. When the children were little we used to drive up to the mountains on the weekend and get a bushel of apples. The basket never made it home "full"! I still love Granny Smith's apples. The things we remember!
Barry is working today. He was called yesterday to say he'd be filling in on Monday and Tuesday from 8 -4! Yea for Barry! He needs the work and I need the time alone to get some work done! I have several projects that need to get worked on and several orders to fill. I should be starting, but here I sit. Oh well, I guess I better get going and do something, anything! Please take a minute or two to read the article about Labor Day. Just click on the link below--please!

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