Friday, January 13, 2012

Riley Is Still A Good Guy!

No matter how many other companies I got to, Riley The Moose is still tops with me! All these darling little guys warm the heart! I saw this layout on the web and it was perfect for this birthday card!
Yesterday turned out to be such a fun day. I work for 4 hours, but that when by quickly enough when I knew I was going to pick Madelyn up at 1:15 after they got out of school early! Larry called bright and early to see if I could help out---what a silly question! We went to Joann's and got more candy making items and then headed home for a fun afternoon! I wanted our project to have an "end" game, so I suggested making candy bags for her Brownie Troop meeting next week! She did all the work herself on making the candy lips and roses and then added a paper heart to the outside of the bag and I tired a bow around the top of the bags. I wanted to take a picture of them with her, but she wanted no parts of that, so you'll just have to take my word, they were perfect! Last night after her Daddy picked her up, the four of us went to Olive Garden for dinner. Tina had to work, so I got to spend time with Barry, Larry, and Madelyn myself! Loved it!
Today I'm working from 2-6 and that means I have all morning to play and update my stash of cards! I added lots of new ones to my Etsy store, so check them out!
Gotta run now and get something done!

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