Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm such a happy camper today! It's Sunday and I don't have to work! I know I should be in bed and sleeping the day away, but the sun is out and Barry is sleeping, so I have time to myself and that is wonderful! It's been so busy at work for the last 3 days that it felt like our pre-Christmas everyday! I don't really have much planned for the day. I'll just let whatever happen. Maddy might come over. She wants me to make some cupcake toppers for her. She's going to a baby shower next week and needs them. I'm always happy to help out. Anything for my Evan. Other then that, I'm just going to let Sunday happen!

Today's card is using MFT New Year's girl. I love it for birthdays. I was going to paper piece her dress, but I got lazy. The celebrate is from a $ stamp at M's. I just never know what I'll find in any given box in my studio! Paper is of course, digi!

Have a blessed day and hurry back!



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