Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Can See My Desk Top, Almost!

OMG, isn't he the cutest little moose guy you've seen today! I never get tired of seeing these little guys all dressed up and ready to go! Today's Riley is paired up with lots of neat digi papers and a fun verse.

Well, lets see, what new in my life? Barry hung my shelves in the new office yesterday. He's got 2 of mine over his desk, but I still plan on using them. I NEED the space. I hope to work on the boxes later today or at least over the weekend. Today we're planning on hanging the mirror over my dresser and the picture over our bed. Small steps, but much needed! I do have the wash to do and I still have to use the public laundry room. We have a problem with the plug on the washer. One of our neighbors was moving and gave us the one they used because the plug is different on the washer then in the apartment, but the new one has 4 wires and our dryer only 3, so Barry has to figure it out! More quarters used for the wash!

That's about it for life at the Bloom Zoo today!



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