Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Admit It, I'm A Caser!

When my mind is dead and I have no idea's what-so-ever, I turn to the web, and check out the layouts I like---today's card is one of those! I saw it in a A-2 size, but since I don't know where the envelopes are at the moment, and I found some of the square size, off I went to work! It really did feel good to make a card! This one is made using a very old SU set, but one that I still won't part with, and some fun ruffled ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby. I know, and it was on sale too! I stopped to check out the Cuttlebug plates. They were expecting some "C" plates, and since mine is taped together with duck tape, in some far away box in the middle of my living room, I needed another one. Notice I said needed! I got the last one left! I didn't care if I had a coupon or not---it's now safe and sound in my office. Where the other plates are is still a mystery, but I'm one happy camper!
Barry is working at his new second part-time job this week. The lady who hired him at Hearthstone is now working at a different assisted living place. Our friend Brain is living there as well. Anyway, Esther called in the middle of the move and asked if he was interested in a "back-up" spot since she was going to be off Wednesday and Thursday this week. Of course he said yes, so that's where he is now. They added Friday for him as well, and when I spoke with him a while ago, they asked him to work Saturday and Sunday! He's ok with Saturday, but not sure about Sunday because he still is working at the other place. He really likes the new place much better. Everything is run so much better and he doesn't have to run around like a chicken down there. He also gets his meals for free!
So that's my life today. Hope you're having a good one too! My niece and her hubby won 2900 in the Maryland Lotto this week, so maybe good luck is turning our families way!

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