Thursday, March 10, 2011


I didn't remember how hard moving could be before 2 days ago! We are out of the house and into the apartment, but there are a TON of boxes still to be unpacked. It's a nice size 2 bedroom. We've taken the master bedroom and used it as an office for both of us. The second room is now our master. It's smaller then our last one, but that's how it is in life! I had to get rid of a huge amount of craft items. Larry took lots home for Tina and Madelyn, so at least that was a help. Thank you all for being concerned for us. I think I'm one of those people who just keeps bouncing back to life. At least I hope so!
Take care, and Marla, I'm sorry I can't send you the bunny stuff right now since I won't have my own computer until next week. At least the office has one for the residents to share!
Love you all for caring.
BTW if anyone is interested I can put my Etsy store on VC, but I still have cards for sale over at Ebay. My user name is minnie4. Maybe you need a card fix????

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