Saturday, March 19, 2011

So, How Am I Going To Sell These Cards?

They are so pretty and there they sit in my Etsy store! I listed some one ebay, which I hated to do, thinking maybe they would sell over there----NO! Any suggestions as to how to move these little buggers would be wonderful! I have a nice 3 dozen cards waiting to fly out the door. I can't make new ones because I have NO idea where the stamping stuff is in the boxes that are all over the "office", so I just have to be content to dream about new cards for right now!
Barry is working a few extra hours today and I'll finally have so time to myself without him looking over my shoulder. YEA! I think I'll try and find places for a few of the things on my side of the office. Maybe even get a spot on the desk!
Well, have a good weekend. I'm off for the fresh coffee now. It's calling my name.

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