Thursday, February 23, 2012


sometimes it just becomes too much! Don't get me wrong, I love creating little pieces of art. I love the feel of the paper, the smell of the inks, and all the wonderful ribbons I've collected over the years, but sometimes, it does seem like a waste of my time! Maybe I would feel differently if my cards were flying out the door of my Etsy store. Only just maybe! The only extra money I have these days come from the sale of my cards, and it's not happening very often these days. I always question my talent when this happens rather then let it be the ecomony or something else. What I end up with at the end of the day is a nice pile of cards for my family to chose from when they need a quick card and even though I love them dearly, it's not my reason to create.

So you see what I've been thinking about all week. Do I continue to make cards, or just give it a rest. I don't know what I'd do with myself otherwise. I enjoy the process so much, but I'm not sure that's enough anymore. PLEASE let me hear from you and what you think about this whole thing.



  1. Hi Paula,

    Your cards are always gorgeous! And I doubt that you can actually take a very long break from's in our blood to make cards! :)

    I think the deal with Etsy is that there are just so many cardmakers on there! I think the trick to selling anything on Etsy is to list everyday and then maybe space out the listings throughout the day. That way more people end up seeing what you're selling! I haven't sold any cards in ages but I haven't had time to make any and I also haven't added anything new to my shop for ages. I do have a vintage shop that if I can list every day, I can sell a few things a week.

    Just my two cents worth! Don't ever think there is anything wrong with your cards though cuz they're great!

    ~~Pam (cardcrazy)

  2. Thanks Pam, That's a great idea about posting at different times of the day. I just usually post all at once. I'll give it a try. You're great too!

  3. Well Paula -- I just sold 2 cards on Ebay, for $4.99 each. I am happy to get them out of the house, & thrilled that they will go to a new home. I don't even care what I get for them anymore -- if they are out of my space & putting a smile on someone else's face (hey that rhymes!) then everyone wins!! I think your family & friends would be thrilled to get some of your beautiful creations :)