Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday!

I can't believe it's the beginning of another work week! Say is isn't so! I only had Sunday off this weekend and it seemed like I couldn't get my act together yesterday to much of anything. It was cold outside and so nice and warm in my bed that that's where I stayed much of the day! My bones feel much better anyway! I did manage to get two cards made this weekend and uploaded them to my store this morning. Riley cards are always a favorite of mine and this one is simple yet so fun! It's good to have scraps all over your desk when you in need of something fresh to do. The little verse is an older SU set of stamps. All the paper is from Amy's etsy store!

I'm off to work today from 12-6, and work until Friday every day. I have Friday and Saturday off this week. It's Evan and Mandy's engagement party on Saturday. I can't wait to share in their joy that day. I did find a dress, but I have to find someone to hem it. It's about 4" too long, but otherwise, just great! I love finding a bargain. We went to the thrift store last week and it was there waiting for me. Tags were still on the dress and it had never been wore before, and the best part, it was only 3.49! From JC Penney's and it had my name on it! Now I need to get shoes and slip. I haven't wore a dress for some time, but I'm ready to look pretty for my guys!

Have a wonderful day!



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