Sunday, December 11, 2011


Don't forget, hurry and grab up some holiday magic and other fun cards in my Etsy store today! I have a 20% off sale going on right now! This little gingerbread boy card is just one of the new cards in the store!

I have to work today from 11:30 to 5:45, and then I'm off for 2 days! I really enjoy meeting and talking to the people, but I really enjoy the time off too! It gives my body a chance to rest up for more! It's not easy getting old! At least I could sleep late this morning and so could Barry. He won't have a day off for another week!

Let's see, what's new in our lives---not much. We did pay the lawyer off so now we can have the papers filed for the bankrupt. That will help with everything. I'm closer to getting my first SS check, and I'm ready to move on to Valentine's Day cards! I know, it's an exciting life we lead! I do believe I'm happy with boring these days!

Hugs and happy days,


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