Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fallen, Again!

If I don't fall every so often on my left knee, then how would life go on! Yes, I've done it again! This is the third time and my left knee is so so sore I could just cry! Barry is thinking of bubble wrapping me for my own protection! I spent the whole afternoon and evening with ice on the knee. It's feeling a little better today, but it's so sore.

I did have a tiny bit of fun news. I won a $5 GC over at Sassy Cheryl's this week! I'm so excited about that. I really enjoy using her images and free is the best! Now what to get.

Have a good day!



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  1. So sorry to hear you are hurting, Paula -- it has to be very frustrating to keep injuring that same knee, especially. Praying for healing for you, sweetie! Your Riley card is adorable. Love the little butterflies you added to the scene! :-)