Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Blues!

Do you ever wonder why things just keep happening to people? I wonder everyday how to get away from the "blues"! They just keep on coming no matter what in my life!!!! Last night after a perfectly lovely day with my girlfriend and Madelyn, Barry came home and told me he is going to have to get a new battery for the car! Of course this is a week before he gets paid, and we are down to about $50 to our name! I tell you, even the pills I'm taking so I don't fall into that black hole, don't work enough! So now it's a race to see if I can sell anything in my Etsy store, and when the battery finally dies.

Barry is working today, and that is good news. I have a card to make for a special order and then I need to clean up anything that's low enough for Coco to play with. She's coming to visit tomorrow night. She's so cute and we love her, but she wants to play with anything in her site! Good puppy! This time I told Evan not to bother bringing her crate, she likes to sleep in our bed and I know Grandpa enjoys her nice little (all 45 lbs of it) near him! Evan is going to San Diego on Thursday to receive the employee of the year award from his company at their convention. We are so proud of him. He'll be back on Saturday. Friday night we'll have both the grands. Madelyn is coming to visit as well. We told her she can walk Coco!

Well, I'm off to try and figure out how to get a new battery if it dies between now and next Wednesday!



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