Monday, April 12, 2010

Let Me Tell You About My Friend Laura

Today I just wanted to take some time to write and tell you about my very best friend Laura. She along with her family still live in Maryland. Our home. Where are roots are, and will always be. Laura has been going through some rough times of late. After being sick all last summer, they found out around Christmas she has Cancer. Yes, another person with that horrible disease. I wish they would find a clue, but all my wishing can't help. We just need to have people in leadership rolls do the right thing. Sorry, I was tell you about Laura and her family. Our hubby's met first. It was about 38 years ago. Remember the old CB's? Barry and Hank were big time on them! Hot, man, Hot! Anyway, Hank's car broke and he called out for help and Barry stopped. Remember the days when you did that? They didn't know each other before that night, neither did the families, but they hit it off and got to talking about their families. Each had a beautiful talented creative wife, 2 kids, and cats! What more could a guy ask for! They made a date for all of us to met on the weekend at the Lake. I thought Barry was crazy. Who are these people, I asked. He said, I'd love them, and you know he was right! It really was love at first sight for all of us. Their kids were a tiny bit older then ours, but they still played nice together, and enjoyed the day. Laura and I found out we really LOVED the same things. First we both sewed and did lots of crafts, read the same type of books, and more importantly loved the same color nail polish! That says it all! Our friendship grew in the next few years. We went to the beach together, we traveled to FL in my inlaws 24' RV. It's a good thing the kids were little. We just enjoyed each other's company. After we moved to FL, we met up in Orlando, and they came to visit us in Tampa. We even went up North for a family thing a day early so we could stay at their house and not have to see anyone else. Oh the fun! Are children are all grown now and have turned into fine human beings. Roni, their daughter has MS, but she's so cute and will always be a little girl in my mind. Neal is married and has 3 children of his own. They've gotten a little older and a little rounder, and Hank still won't let me severe him coffee ( I once spilled HOT coffee on him in Orlando), but when I speak with them, like today, I really miss the friendship we're had. I keep thinking when I win the lotto, we'll all move somewhere nice and warm, where Laura and I can do counted cross stitch and read the day away.

Please say a prayer for her this week. She's going to start another round of Chemo on Wednesday. I hope this time is the charm!

Love and Hugs,


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  1. What a great story! It's so fun to have families you can be long time friends with like that! I've added Laura to my prayers. Sending you hugs!