Monday, April 19, 2010

It's A New Day, But Same Old Problems

It was nice to take last week off from working. It really was, but now because I was so sick and really unable to create last week, I'm a week behind in selling! I can't seem to win for losing. I know that should make sense, and I'm sure it does to someone, but's a silly saying! I don't feel much better today then I did a week ago, but life has to go on. I have bills to pay and one due today. I finally made some cards yesterday and put them on ebay. Have they sold? Hell NO! I was hoping that I'd find them all gone and the money in my paypal account this morning. Then my money worries for today, at least, would have been over! I know, it seems like every week there is a new thing "due". It is! Today is 90 for the cell bill again! It seems like I pay this darn thing every other week. I did pay them last week, but it was just the past due amount and now today the other 90 is due! Will I make it? I don't know. I put those cards on ebay last night to get that last amount I am short, so we'll see what happens. They said they won't turn it off until Midnight! You know, if I wasn't sick before, I'd be sick now. How much can a body take of all this stress? I ask myself that every day and still have no answer!
I hope you like the card I'm showing today. She is so pretty. Leah is from Whimsie Doodles April digi release. I thought she'd make a pretty Mother's Day card and I was so right! I don't have a clue who makes the papers I used. They were from the scrap pile! The little label is from a $ set if stamps.
Well, I have wash to do, and the dishes need to be done as well. You'd think Barry was sick with all he doesn't do. He did tell me it was trash day and that he needed clothes washed. Nice of him. Sometimes I don't think he's all there, if you know what I mean! BTW, his Dad is in the hospital again. He wasn't feeling well on Saturday and a friend drove him to the hospital. Today they are doing some more tests to see what the problem is. At almost 92, it could be anything. Another worry for all of us!
Hugs and love,

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  1. Hi! Your cards are SO cute! I'm sure they'll sell! I hope you are on the way to feeling better!