Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Friends, Great Family

I'm sharing a fun card I made today using another digi image from Heather Ellis. They are so fun and I love this card. Because it's Earth Day, I wanted to do a card in all scraps. This is one of those ALL scrap cards! Even the base was from another half done project! Enjoy!
I had one of those pick me up type of calls this morning. No, not a nice bill collector. They are never nice, but from Deb. She's my best of best bud's! After all, she's known me since the day I was born. Deb is really my first cousin, but I always refer to her and she does for me, as sisters. After all,we are closer then some, many I'm guessing! Deb is older then me by 10 years, but I was always the little sister she took with her no matter where. The bond is truly of sisters. Anyway she called to see how I was. Not that anyone called to tell her I was sick, she just knew. They are having tough times too, but she always makes me feel better. Cheers me up and gets me going. We did talk about that Power Ball again. Man, if only I had $ to buy that winning ticket I would! I can hear the beach calling me. That's about all I can hear today. Both ears are still stopped up. It's really bad and I'm getting scared because it's been over a week like this. Nothing is working. Barry keeps wanting me to go to the doctors and I had to explain to him again that because we shopped for food this week, that it was impossible, unless I could find a doctor who wanted to be paid in Chickens!
Unless you like Liberal news like I do, I'm sure you're wondering what that's all about. The lady running in the race against Harry Reed is purposing that people pay for medical services in chickens! I swear, she did say just that, and it's on video! Let me know how that's workin' for ya!
I'm off to try and something done today. I have almost 2 cards done for a friend that ordered 4. I'm almost halfway there!
Hugs and Love to all

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  1. Paula this card is so sweet! But your story about Deb is even sweeter. ;) Love that you used up scraps for this adorable image, it came out just perfectly. Love the chicken proposal - I am sure some 3rd world countries are wondering why we think it's over the top!!
    Hugs and feel better soon Paula!!