Monday, July 18, 2011

Anyone Miss Me?

You might have wondered where I've been and I'm now about to tell you! No I didn't have any babies or anything so grand as that. I've been flat on my back in bed mostly with my hot water bottle for the better part of the last two weeks! It was kind of like a vacation, but only not so fun! I hurt my back several weeks ago and then last week it acted up again, but with a pain involved! I couldn't even sit at the computer. I did add a post or two, but those where standing! I hope I'm on the mend now, and so does Barry---in a big way!

Enjoy the card. I love this fun image from MFT. The paper is digi as well!




  1. So sorry to hear that Paula!! Glad you are on the mend -summer is no time to be laid up!

  2. I've missed your posts Paula! I stop in everyday to see your wonderful cards! I hope you're feeling better! Take it easy! ~~Pam

  3. Darling card, Paula!!! I hope you're continuing to do better. Hugs!!!