Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Sunday to everyone! I'm going to rant a little, so if you'd like to come back another day, feel free to leave right now!
I'm sick and tired of the right wing thinking they can save us and take America back! Back from right? That's what I always ask myself when I hear the stuff! Back to when men and women weren't equal? Back to when workers didn't get paid a minimum wage? We've come a long way baby, as the song goes, and I for one, don't ever intend to stop fighting to go forward!
Stay away from my government programs, like Social Security and Medicare. Stay away from Barry's health care---VA! Go back in your own life machine and leave us to grow!
Everyone should be allowed to live with and marry who they want! It's ok to say who can and can't have guns, but rights---that must be a whole other story!
Please take a minute or two out of your Sunday and think about the future. Do you want your children to grow into a whole that doesn't treat everyone the same?

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