Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where You Wondering?

I'm hoping people where wondering where I've been the last week or two! We've been unable to get on our computer due to a very nasty bug that took over our computer bit by bit! It took Evan a week to get everything off that wasn't suppose to be there and now we finally have it back! Home Sweet Computer! You would think that during that time I would be been very creative without my FB fixes and pinterest, but no, I was as lazy as ever! I did get two cards make and this sweet cowgirl is one! I bought this stamp set way back in June when we took Madelyn to the scrapbook show and finally got around to inking her. She's very cute and as usual, I can't have too many MFT stamps!
Not too much new at the Bloom Zoo. I'm still looking for a dress for Evan's wedding. Thank goodness I have 4 months to fine one. Every place I go to says to come back at the end of the month. They are just starting to get the Fall dresses in. I need a nice Olive green dress. That's Mandy's colors. Plum and Green.
I'm off to work soon, so I thought I'd just thank you for checking on me once in a while. I love you all.
Have a wonderful day!

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