Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is It Christmas Yet?

I know, I can't help myself. I'm ready for cool weather and a little snow! Like that's going to happen anytime soon in Dallas! A girl can wish, can't see? Today's card is another colored image from Deedee's Digi's. I love the ease of using the things already colored. This card came together in a half hour. That included adding all the glitter! It's hard to tell in a photo, but it really shines! Please check out her store. Just click the link on the top of my page.
I'm so glad it's Sunday. Barry went off to work before 8 and I went back to sleep until 10! What a delightful way to start Sunday! I'm making meat loaf and mashed taters for dinner. Yummy stuff. I got the kitchen cleaned already which was not easy because our ceiling light isn't working! They can't come and fix it until Tuesday! One of the joys of apartment living! I do plan on getting some crafting time and maybe a trip to M's or J's. So much to do!
Less then 2 weeks and we'll be in Disney. I can't wait to wing my way down to Flordia. Last night I added a new shirt and "ears" headband to my things to pack! How can I go wrong with a silver glitter pair of Mouse ears with a pink bow on them? Right, I can a girl can't have enough glitter ears!
Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love how cute this turned out! The little gingerbread boy in the lower corner and sentiment add a fun element to the gingerbread house. Great card!