Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back Home, But Broke

We had a wonderful trip to Disney World last week, but it seemed all Barry did was sign the tab! We pre-paid so much but yet we still managed to come home with an added amount on our debt card! Oh well, I'm worth every penny of that!
The weather was hot and humid. I forgot how humid it can get in Central Florida in September, but it was every bit of that! I got a nice cold out it. So much so that I finally made it to the doctor's today and now I'm taking huge amounts of drugs to combat it all. And I even managed to pick up a foot fungi!
I finally got a card made just now and but I have to let the glitter dry and then I'll post it tomorrow. I love using Deedee's images and this is one of my favorite ones. So now you have to come back tomorrow and check it out!
I'm going back to bed now, so have a blessed night!

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