Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Been A While!

Time is rushing by right now and it seems like I'm either working on cards, working at Market Street, or getting ready for the wedding! It doesn't leave much time to be lazy! So today I'm off work and just woke up! 9:45 was a real treat for me! Barry is working all day, so I do need to get my act together and do something, but I think I'm in need of another cup of coffee!
Today's card was made using last years Riley image. You gotta love Riley in anything he does! This card was sold right away, so yesterday I made a similar one that will go in the store later today.
This week just flew by. I celebrated my 30th anniversary of my 33rd birthday! What a fun time! I got new make-up and shoes from Barry, a new Redskins blanket from Larry and family, and then Friday night Evan and Mandy took us out to dinner and I got a gift card for IHOP! I think that was a pretty wonderful birthday! After dinner we went and got $300 worth of wine for the wedding! I can't wait until we can close the check book on the wedding things! Our family will start arriving in a week and a half! I just can't wait to see the gang! We have fun things planned for everyone. No trip to Dallas would be complete without a stop in old Ft Worth and a stop at Sam Moons. Who can ever have enough junk jewelry and imported purses!
Well, have a fun day and stay safe if you're in the path of the storm!

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