Saturday, February 9, 2013

Well today is the day! We finally are suppose to find out if the new baby is going to be a girl or boy! I'd love a boy to carry on the "Barry Bloom" family name, but I'd be happily in love with whatever we have for our next grandchild. Manny's mom is visiting from Houston this weekend and we're having dinner with the gang tonight.
Larry, Tina, and Madelyn left yesterday for Galveston to get ready for the Disney Cruise today! The bus picks them up at the hotel and they'll be gone until next Friday! I have cat sitting duties this week. I only have the morning feeding. Justin will catch them at night. I am grateful I only have to do it once a day.
I've been busy making and selling new cards. It's wonderful that the business is starting to pick up again. It's been so slow forever it seems.
Have a great day!

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