Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Week Ago!

It seems like it's been longer then a week since we celebrated the marriage of our son but that's all it is! This sweet, sweet picture is of our 2 legged Granddaughter Madelyn, and our 4 legged one Coco! Don't I have the pretties family you've seen!
Barry and I have been staying down at Evan and Mandy's house this week to babysit the furry children and the fish and finally today I'm able to get home and make some time for myself in my studio! I've gotten 6 cards done and in between took the dog home! Barry is working today so I took her to the dog park, Pets Smart, and the drive-in. Then it was home to work, but she had other idea's. She wanted to take a walk outside and after the third on, I took her for a ride in the car back to her home! I'm sure she's napping on the sofa right now!
I tell you, the week of the wedding and everything we did that week was perfect! All the family made it in. The hotel was great. The food we ordered at my store was perfect, and eating out lots of night worked out perfect as well! The only bad thing that happened was they didn't have towels in the pool area on Saturday night and we had to ask! A very small thing indeed!
More about the wedding with some other pictures later this week! Thank you all for love and support!

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