Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last Day To Create

These are just a few of the cards I made this weekend! It's my last chance to get into the craft room and create until after the wedding, so if you want anything special, and are in the mood to purchase, please let me know! I love going through my many digital images and papers to find the perfect thing. Barry says that I spend more on ink then I make selling and "maybe" that's true, but having so many great things right at home when I want to create at 10 in the evening is the perfect answer for me. If you haven't gotten around to digital yet, give it a try! You'll love it!
Well in one week I'll be getting ready for the wedding. Maybe not this early. I may still be eating breakfast with my family at the hotel, but next Sunday is finally the day! All the planning and worrying will be done. Just gather up the gang and enjoy the day!
My sister Clare in New York still doesn't have power! I spoke with her last night and they don't expect it until next weekend! I told her to come to Texas early. Evan and Larry both have space for them until Thursday with Mandy's family arrives from Houston. Please keep them in your prayers that they stay safe and sound until they arrive in Texas. I'm so glad that some of the stores are open and that their cell phones work!
I guess I'm off to see what I can get done today in card making. My creation station is calling me now. One more cup of coffee and I'll be good to go!
Have a blessed day!

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