Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Is My Life!

I know I haven't been around and the 3 people that used to come and read my blog must be long gone, but I'm still alive, just life has gotten in the way of my blog writing, so forgive me my long absents! You know when your MOJO has taken a trip without you sometimes you just have to have a "go to" image to bring it back---well the Riley The Moose and My Favorite Things are the one's that get my creative juices going again. Today's card is made using a Riley that I thought would be so fun. I really like how this card turned out. He's in my Etsy store if you're interested with a few other new Riley's!
It was a busy week. I worked long days and finally had a day off yesterday. We took Coco to the duck park so she could get some fresh air. She won't use the dog door at home, and I love to kiss that sweet sloppy face. Barry took puppy treats for her and we had a great time. Her highlight was when a few "walkers" stopped to pet her! That was the treat! After Madelyn got out of school we took her swimming in our pool. The water was still a bit too cool for me, but we made it anyway and then dinner with her Daddy. It was a great day for this Grandma!
Now I'm off to work and then I have several days off. I can't wait to play in the studio and clean house. It seems to have gotten away from me again!
Thanks for coming to visit!


  1. Super cute card, Paula!! I love Riley too!! Sounds like a fun day yesterday...try not to work too hard today!! :)

  2. Hi Paula! I've still been checking in to see if you have a new creation up! I've missed your posts! Cute card! ~~Pam