Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Me and The Girls!

I've had my granddaughters all week and I'm so ready for Friday to roll around. In case you missed it somewhere in my ramblings, one of them is Coco Channel, the English Bulldog. Don't get me wrong, she sweet and fun, and we love having her, but this Grandma is beat! Today Madelyn and I were alone with the dog. Barry had to work all day and that was another of those blessing, but now that Madelyn has gone home and Barry is out, Coco and Grannie and headed for a nap! It's only about 105 today and between shopping with Mad, taking Coco to Pets Mart, and out to lunch, I need a long nap!

Check out the cards I'm showing off today. I made these some time ago, but finally got pictures of them and now they are in my Etsy store. Can you tell I love Halloween and cupcakes? What a fun combo! I'll have to find a Halloween cupcake to play with. Know any digi ones?



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