Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cool Weather Is In The Air!

Isn't it nice to have a bit of Fall right now? I know in Texas we don't get very much of it, and so I'm enjoying those early morning cooler temps! I created a few cards for Fall and this is one. I found this darling image on pinterst and used some digi papers and a stampin up stamp to create, what I think, is a sweet card! I added the pumpkins to the envelope just "because" I could!
Not much new in the Bloom Zoo. I'm still feeling under the weather, but a bit better everyday. It helps when I can take a nap during the day. We have been so busy at work, and then when I get home I'm almost too tried to make dinner. Barry is a good guy and "enjoyed" the can of soup I gave him last night with a bagel and swiss chess sandwich!
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Snow Friends!

Isn't my little snow bear cute? It was a super simple card to make and since the holidays will be here before we know it, it's time to start stocking up! I printed out the image this time from "Just Chillin" set of digi's from Deedee's images and a quick color with my Copics and a sweet card! I know sometimes people don't know how to use the little saying that come with digital images. I have my trick I use---I print what I want on a piece of scrap paper and then lay the piece of paper I want to really print over top of it. I tape (very small piece) to hold it in place and then I'm ready to print what I need to! Does it work every time, mostly! And that's good enough for me!
Off to work today and tomorrow and then Sunday is a free day for me. I'm hoping to see Sydney Mabel and Coco then. It's suppose to be nice and cool and I want to take them to the park.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Monday!

I seem to be having issues posting on my blog lately. I don't know if it's just me, or blogger, but I am trying to find a way around this problem! At least for today, I have. I'm showing off a card I made this weekend for a special customer, who has become a friend, and needed a Very Special New Baby card. I can't wait until she sees this one. I mailed it out this morning and she should get it by Wednesday! I added lots more glitter after the picture was taken so it really has "bling"!
I'm off today and Barry is out visiting a friend in the hospital so I'm planning on crafting a little as soon as I get off this computer. I want to make a few more Halloween cards before I move on to the next holiday. The year is winding up so quickly. I can't believe the end is in site!
Well, I'm off and hopefully you'll have a blessed day!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back Home, But Broke

We had a wonderful trip to Disney World last week, but it seemed all Barry did was sign the tab! We pre-paid so much but yet we still managed to come home with an added amount on our debt card! Oh well, I'm worth every penny of that!
The weather was hot and humid. I forgot how humid it can get in Central Florida in September, but it was every bit of that! I got a nice cold out it. So much so that I finally made it to the doctor's today and now I'm taking huge amounts of drugs to combat it all. And I even managed to pick up a foot fungi!
I finally got a card made just now and but I have to let the glitter dry and then I'll post it tomorrow. I love using Deedee's images and this is one of my favorite ones. So now you have to come back tomorrow and check it out!
I'm going back to bed now, so have a blessed night!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Ready For Mickey!

I know this doesn't look like Mickey Mouse, but I'm getting to finish up all my "stuff" and get ready for our trip to Orlando! 2 more days and we'll be meeting and greeting with the Mouse! I just can't wait. It seems so long in the planning and then, BAM, it's here!
Today's card is using a very sweet digi I found online along with lots of wonderful digi papers. A girl can never have enough papers and the wonderful thing about digital is that you never have to "settle" for what you have. There is a whole on wonderful things right at your fingertips! This the same wonderfulness with digital images.
Have a wonderful week and remember to come back and visit in another 8 days!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone

Tonight our family will gather to celebrate the Jewish New Year at Larry's home. This year more will be at our table then a year ago and that is such a good way to start the new year! Of course we have Sydney Mabel, but we also have Mandy's sister and her daughter with us. They have moved in with Evan and Mandy for right now until she can get her life back on track. She's a wonderful woman and has done a great job with Daffney. She's a darling 7 year old! I made my soup last night and the brisket in cooking right now. I'll be taking to Larry's this afternoon and then picking up Madelyn after school so she can help set the table.
We have many things to be thankful for this past year. Barry had a brush with Cancer again. This time on his face. They seamed to have gotten it and he's slowing getting the feeling back on his head! We were able to enjoy the new baby this summer and spend LOTS of time with Madelyn and Coco the dog! We have a new car and lots of new toys. Well some of the old toys died and had to be replaced, but others like the new phones we just got are "wants" not needs!
My own business has died down some. I'm not really sure what's happened, but cards stay in the store longer. Hopefully with the holidays ahead, business will pick up! I've joined Deedee again as a DT member and love that. And I just started my third year at Market Street!
To all my friends and family a blessed New Year!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just 11 More DAys!

11 more days and we'll be in Disney World meetin' up with the Mouse Family! I can't believe it's finally going to be here! We started making plans in March and the time has almost arrived! I think I still need to get another shirt and then I think, OK, buy one at Disney. I'm hopeless lost as to what to take. I have the right amount down when we pack for Maui. We've been so many times that I know just what I will wear and what I won't, it's easy, but for a week without the beach, I'm sure I'm going to take a few too many things! Oh well. If that's my only worry in this world!
I'm showing off another Halloween card I made this weekend for my store. Halloween is such a fun and happy time to make cards for. This one used an image I found on pinterest and I added lots of scrap papers for the layers. I never know what I might find on my desk!
Tomorrow is my son Larry's 42nd birthday! Talk about a WOW! I really don't feel old enough to have a son that age! Suddenly his hair is grey while mine stays a nice shade of brown! Funny how that works!
Have grand day!